Every child benefits from a tailor-made therapeutic
programme from our on-site therapists.

Our speech & language, physio and occupational therapists are all on-site and are all full-time. These therapies are implemented in one-to-one, small group and whole class settings. The provision for each child depends on their needs and is reviewed regularly.

Our therapists each have their own rooms that are positioned right in the heart of the school. From the swings and sensory equipment of the occupational therapy room to the specially designed table in the speech and language room, our therapy rooms are uniquely tailored to the needs of our children. Moreover, therapists are not tied to their room. On the contrary, they are encouraged to join in with other classes and activities. This allows them to reinforce their particular aims and targets for each child in other situations as the opportunities to do so arise naturally.

Our teachers and therapists are equal partners in the delivery of the curriculum sharing their skills in enabling children to reach their potential. Each therapist has an area within the whole school curriculum in which they take the lead in planning and delivery. For example, our physiotherapist leads all physical educational activities with all children (whether they have additional physical needs or not) and our occupational and speech and language therapists co-deliver our food technology lessons. This ‘whole school’ approach to therapies ensures that the skills into which our children put so much effort mastering are generalised throughout the school day, across a variety of settings, thus truly becoming useful life skills.

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